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Docker commands with no particular order


Prune images

docker image prune

Prune networks

docker network prune

Prune volumes

docker system prune --volumes

Prune system

docker system prune

Add -a to prune everything

Run command args

  • –name container name
  • -e environmental variables
  • -p ports (local-port:remote-port)
  • -v volumes (local/folder:remote/folder)
  • –restart (always, never, unless-stopped, on-failure)

Exec commands in a container

docker exec -it <container-name or id> <command>

Restart all docker containers

docker restart $(docker ps -q)

Docker Compose

docker-compose exec commands

With the compose running (docker-compose up):

docker run <container-name-in-docker-compose> <command>

This command runs a new docker container to execute the command

  • –rm run the container and delete it after execution

To execute a command inside a running container:

docker-compose exec <container-name> <command>
  • -i interactive
  • -t tty allocation
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